Turu Website and Branding

Brand Identity, Web Design


This was a design test where I was tasked to redesign the Turu logo and website (which has since been redesigned). Both designs were completed over the course of a few nights, which included researching other popular travel/booking sites, preliminary wireframes, then final designs. This may be better classified as a “speed test”.

The idea behind this design is to bring people back to the site, for the purpose of increasing bookings.  To make Turu the outdoor holiday ‘hub’, I wanted the user to have a more personal experience by allowing people to share their experiences, whether it be through reviews on their holiday destination or sharing photos. I wanted to inspire and bring a sense of sentiment to the user, to get them excited about their next trip and to start planning. Another way to do this was by introducing weekly articles submitted by freelance travel journalists, ‘The Bushmen’s Journal’ is an example of a published article.