Headland Product Brochure



The Headland Product Range Brochure redesign was required to keep in-line with the evolution of the Headland look-and-feel. The main issues with the brochure was that it was trying to say-and-do too much; with too much imagery and product detail to maintain. Research showed that most manufacturers did their research before they contact Headland, so we decided the brochure was best as a higher-level overview of what they offer.

The new brochure features larger and more striking images, accompanied by simple and easy to digest copy and a generous use of white space. We wanted to give the reader a pleasant and informative experience as well as convey the quality of the Headland brand.

Peter Kloe,  owner of Headland Machinery for over 60 years, remarked:

“This is the best brochure we’ve ever had – well done!”


  • Brochure Design